The Animatrix: World Record (2003)

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The World Record segment from the collection of animated shorts known as the Animatrix focuses on a track runner named Dan Davis, who is preparing for the 100 meter dash. Early on, it's clear that Dan has the kind of intuitive sensitivity that has been known to wake people from the Matrix, and he describes the ecstasy of extreme athleticism in terms that seem to mimic the detachment from his surrounding world often mentioned by those who've broken free from the Matrix. In the midst of the race, he begins to see visions that indicate he's "waking," and Agents begin to close in, while simultaneously, his muscles fail as his speed tops out. Innately aware that the pain isn't real, however, Dan is able to continue. As he rushes towards the finish line, the imposed reality of the Matrix seems to fail, leaving the singular question of whether he will win the greater race by awakening completely.