The All New SuperFriends Hour [Animated TV Series] (1977)

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The popularity of such live-action TV series as The Six Million Dollar Man and Wonder Woman encouraged the animation firm of Hanna-Barbera to revive its early-'70s cartoon series Super Friends (based on characters introduced in the pages of DC Comics) in a new, hour-long format starting on September 10, 1977. Telecast as part of ABC's Saturday morning schedule, The All New SuperFriends Hour brought back five of the superheroes who, at various junctures in the past, had been teamed up in DC's Justice League of America comics line: Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Added to the mix were Wonder Twins Zan (male) and Janya (female), whose singular talent was the ability to transform objects into ice statues when the necessity arose; these characters were introduced to replace junior superheroes Wendy and Marvin from the first Super Friends. Each All-New Superfriends Hour consisted of four separate stories, which when originally broadcast by ABC, were capped by FCC-approved safety tips for the kids at home (rule number one: "Don't Try to Fly Like Superman!"). The thirteen 60-minute episodes were run and rerun until September 2, 1978, at which time the series was retooled (with an expanded cast) as Challenge of the Super Friends. And in 1980, the original All New SuperFriends Hour segments were rebroadcast as part of The Superfriends Hour.