The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Consider Her Ways (1964)

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A woman named Helen (Barbara Barrie) awakens in a hospital run completely by women, with nary a man in sight. This is off-putting enough, but soon Helen discovers that there is a lot more amiss: seemingly overnight, she has grown hideously obese, and all the staffers fawningly refer to her as "Mother Orchis." Asking a few pertinent questions, Helen learns to her horror that she has been transported to a futuristic society in which a genetic accident has caused the extinction of all males, obliging the female scientists to select certain women as "queen bees" to repopulate the world. It is giving away nothing to reveal that this hellish state of affairs is all a dream, experienced by Helen as she undergoes experiments with a revolutionary mind-expanding drug. What cannot and will not be revealed here is what happens when Helen returns to the "real" world, determined to prevent the bleak future she has envisioned -- no matter what the cost.