The Abandoned Boy (1983)

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Chinese filmmaker Liu Xin directed this improbable story of a six-year-old blind boy named Xiaoyuan (Hao Yibo) who is abandoned on a train by his father. Ren Shufeng (Li Lan), a young woman who works at the train station, takes Xiaoyuan home and -- unaware that the boy was intentionally left on the train -- tries to locate his parents with the aid of her mother (Shi Ren). What Shufeng doesn't know is that the boy's reprehensible father is none other than her own new boyfriend Xiao Bingcheng (Shen Guangwei), who is just as surprised to see him there as Shufeng is to learn that he's the father. Still determined to get rid of little Xiaoyuan, Bingcheng takes the boy onto a ship and abandons him a second time, which finally clues Shufeng in to the fact that Bingcheng is "losing" the boy deliberately, and isn't such a nice person. Another thing she realizes, after learning the boy's address and seeing a wedding picture, is that Bingcheng is married. Shufeng has a nice long talk with Xiaoyuan's mother (Wang Shan), then writes a nasty letter to Bingcheng telling him what an awful person he is. It doesn't take long before the entire neighborhood finds out about Bingcheng's behavior, and he returns home to find himself ostracized by everyone around him.