Testing of Mildred Vane (1918)

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May Allison stars in this odd suspense story. Dr. Miguel Hernandez (George Field) has sworn revenge on the Vane family because Mrs. Vane repulsed his advances and pushed him into a fire, destroying his hand and his future as a surgeon. He convinces Matthew Vane (Nigel DeBrullier) that there is doubt about the paternity of his daughter, Mildred (Allison). Vane is frantic over this, so Hernandez offers to study the girl's behavior and report back to him. Mildred doesn't understand why her father suddenly disappears, and Hernandez keeps her away from her sweetheart, Albert Moreland (Darrel Foss). Instead, the doctor forces her to spend time with a snobbish womanizer, Ralph Jeffries (Fred Goodwins). Mildred tries to escape with Moreland, but Hernandez catches onto her plan and sends her off to a roadhouse with Jeffries. Moreland goes to Vane and reveals Hernandez's nasty plot, and the two men head for the roadhouse to save Mildred. The villains are defeated and Mildred is reunited with her sweetheart.