Ten Days (1925)

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Dick Van Buren (Ashton Dearholt) is a reckless youth who likes driving fast, so it's no surprise that he is eventually arrested for breaking the speed limit. His father, Ezra (Joseph W. Girard), refuses to help him, so Dick finds himself sentenced to ten days. The town's lifeguard has quit, so instead of going to jail, Dick winds up taking his place. He rescues Fay Whitney (Hazel Keener) from a group of thugs, but only gets scorn for his heroic deed. This doesn't dampen Dick's spirits, however, and he does his best to get on Fay's good side. When Fay is kidnapped, he once again springs into action and saves her. Ultimately it is discovered that Fay is starring in a show backed by Ezra, and all her adventures have merely been publicity stunts. Naturally, Fay can't help but fall in love with the man who keeps "saving" her and they wed.