Taxi (1919)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

Robert Randolph (Taylor Holmes) is living on an income of ten thousand a year. The actual heir to this money is Imogene Pamela Thornton (Lillian Hall), but since she can't be found, he has been the beneficiary. Robert's snooty girlfriend Madge (Irene Tams) doesn't feel that ten thousand is a good enough for her (in those days, it was actually an extremely comfortable upper middle class income), so she dumps him. The dejected Robert hires a cab and goes aimlessly about town. At one point the cab stops behind a theater and a girl jumps into it in an effort to escape from someone. It turns out that she is the long-lost Imogene. So Robert takes her to his apartment and turns it, and his income, over to her. Then he disappears into the working world, becoming a cab driver, and a very popular one, too -- the drunks love him because he leaves them carefully on their doorsteps instead of merely tossing them out like the other hacks. Meanwhile, Imogene, who liked Robert and didn't enjoy taking his income away, is looking unsuccessfully for him. While on the job one day, Robert hears of a plot to swindle Imogene out of the stock she owns in the company for which he is working. When he breaks into the director's meeting to prevent this, he finds himself faced with the group of drunks he was always kind to! So not only does he save Imogene's fortune, he gets promoted to general manager and vice president of the company. And of course, he and Imogene get married. This farce comedy was based on a Cosmopolitan magazine serial by George Agnew Chamberlain.