Tarzan the Tiger: The Road to Opar (1929)

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Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein

Searching for the jewels of Opar, Tarzan (Frank Merrill) is attacked by an old foe, the lion king Numa. In the opening of chapter two, the jungle hero, sounding a loud cry of triumph, manages to kill Numa. (Heard for the first time onscreen, Tarzan's famous yell emerges as a rather subdued "Iahh!") Meanwhile, back at the Nomad camp, Jane (Natalie Kingston) is at the mercy of the evil slave trader Achmet Zek (Sheldon Lewis), who offers her the choice of either becoming a member of his harem or going on the auction block. "Tarzan, my husband, will learn of this outrage, and his vengeance will be swift and sure!" Jane exclaims, but Zek is not impressed. In the jungle, Tarzan has arrived at the ancient Temple of Opar where a passageway, known only to him, leads down into a treasure chamber. Outside, a ferocious storm threatens both Achmet Zek's camp and the Temple of Opar itself. As Tarzan emerges from the treasure chamber carrying several heavy ingots of gold, the temple collapses.