Tarzan the Tiger: The Altar of the Flaming God (1929)

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Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein

Briefly knocked unconscious by the falling debris in chapter two of the Universal serial Tarzan the Tiger, Tarzan (Frank Merrill) awakens in chapter three, his strength intact but with a rather clouded memory. To him, the legendary Jewels of Opar, "sealed for ages from the greedy eyes of men," are now mere "pretty pebbles." In the altar room above, La (Kithnou), High Priestess of the Sun Worshipers, is about to sacrifice Albert Werper (Al Ferguson), the greedy soldier of fortune who pretends to be Tarzan's friend, but the commotion alerts the jungle man, who hastens to the rescue. Meanwhile, back at the camp of Nomad chief Achmet Zek (Sheldon Lewis), the captured Jane (Natalie Kingston) creates a fetching outfit from a tablecloth and then makes a daring escape into the jungle, only to encounter Taglat, a ferocious gorilla and Tarzan's sworn enemy. Pretending to be asleep at Tarzan's makeshift camp, Werper observes the still slightly dazed jungle man bury the "pretty pebbles" for safekeeping. As soon as Tarzan nods off, however, the greedy villain uncovers the diamonds and is poised to kill his host.