Tarzan the Tiger: Tarzan's Triumph (1929)

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Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein

Having been stripped of his title by greedy cousin Philip Annersley (Clive Morgan), Tarzan (Frank Merrill) is tied to a tree and left to his own devices while Annersley and Werper (Al Ferguson) force Lady Jane (Natalie Kingston) to show them the ancient treasure of Opar. A mere rope cannot restrain our hero for long, of course, and with the assistance of a few jungle friends both Werper and Annersley are hunted down and killed. On the body of the latter, Tarzan finds the pouch of diamonds that Werper had stolen from Jane, enough riches to save the embattled Greystoke estate in England. "Fear has fled, my dearest. Love has come again to abide with us always," Tarzan tells his bride as they embrace.