Tarzan the Tiger: Tarzan's Rage (1929)

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Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein

"Jane, my beloved wife restored to me again," Tarzan (Frank Merrill), aka Lord Greystoke, shouts as he battles his way through La's bewildered guardsmen, his memory reawakened by yet another blow to the head. To pacify the enraged High Priestess (Kithnou), Jane (Natalie Kingston) promises to lead the party to the Jewels of Opar, fabled riches from the lost continent of Atlantis. With the ancient treasure returned to the Sun Worshipers, Tarzan and Jane make peace with La and are free to leave. Meanwhile, at the Greystoke plantation, Philip Annersley (Clive Morgan), Tarzan's greedy cousin, is informed of the existence of an ancient treasure from Werper (Al Ferguson), his cohort. When Tarzan finally arrives, the jungle man learns that the increasingly smug Annersley has usurped his title.