Tarzan the Tiger: Prisoner of the Apes (1929)

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Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein

About to attack Tarzan (Frank Merrill) and Jane (Natalie Kingston), Numa the Lion is distracted by a passing deer and the humans are safe -- for the moment. Despite his memory loss, Tarzan is falling in love with Jane and bids his jungle friends to protect her while he gathers food. But the jungle man's cries are also heard by his enemies, Chulk the ape, who accuses Tarzan of murdering his brother, Taglat, and Werper (Al Ferguson), who has joined forces with La (Kithnou), the imperious High Priestess of the Sun Worshipers. Thus, when Tarzan returns with lunch, he is met not by Jane but by the lovesick priestess. "It is I, La, come to claim you as my king!" the jungle vixen purrs. When Tarzan demurs, she lures him into a trap designed by Werper. Chulk, meanwhile, drags a screaming Jane to his lair in the jungle.