Tarzan the Tiger: Loop of Death (1929)

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Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein

In chapter eight of the Universal serial Tarzan the Tiger, the villainous Albert Werper (Al Ferguson) mistakenly shoots and kills the predatory panther that was about to attack Tarzan (Frank Merrill) and his estranged mate, Jane (Natalie Kingston), in their cave hideout. That night, at a makeshift camp, propriety demands that Tarzan sleep in separate quarters from Jane, whom he still fails to recognize as his wife due to the head injury. At daybreak, Jane takes a refreshing swim in the nearby lake, much to the delight of Tarzan, who may have lost his memory but not his mind. After this pastoral interlude, the pair returns to Tarzan's childhood hut, where Jane has hidden the pouch of "pretty pebbles," aka the Jewels of Opar. Unfortunately, they run right into a trap rigged by Werper.