Survivor: Fight for Your Life or Eat (2006)

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Eight castaways remain on Survivor: Panama -- Exile Island with the voting-off of Austin Carty (gone but not forgotten, Austin remains a participant as the season's first jury member). Danielle DiLorenzo demands proof that Terry Deitz has the Immunity Idol in his possession. Aras Baskauskas is banished to Exile Island after his showing in the Reward Challenge, where principal ingredients included flags and bungee cords; the remaining members of the Casaya alliance are made an offer that they may not refuse. Shane Powers once again proves to be the season's main "nutcase" when he dons a skirt and persuades Cirie Fields to "check out" his embarrassing rash, but there's a moment of pathos for Shane involving a special tape made by his son. Sally Schumann continues to fret over the likelihood of being voted off the island. The Immunity Challenge, this one involving swimming and cognitive skills (in that order), loses several contestants to the lure of cheeseburgers. And Terry makes series history by winning his third straight Immunity in a row.