Survivor: Starvation and Lunacy (2006)

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With the voting-out of Misty Giles, season 12 of Survivor has lost three female contestants in a row. Of the remaining ladies, the profound personality contrasts between Sally Schumann and Ruth Marie Milliman are really coming to the forefront as the season enters its fourth episode. In another development, the La Mina tribe loses the "floating puzzle" Reward Challenge to the Casayas, who receive a fancy toilet-and-shower combination as a result. Almost immediately, La Mina's Terry Deitz is banished to Exile Island -- which proves most advantageous to him when he unearths the secret Immunity Idol, which will shield him from being voted off the show until the Final Four playoffs. Meanwhile, the Terry-less La Minas lose the Immunity Challenge, a test of "balance, teamwork, and patience" (according the CBS publicity release). Also, the Casaya alliance -- consisting of Shane Powers, Danielle DiLorenzo, Aras Baskauskas, and Courtney Marit -- may not be as invulnerable as it appears to be.