Survivor: Salvation and Desertion (2006)

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Attorney Bobby Mason, alias "Bob Dog," becomes the first male player this season to be voted off the island -- and none too soon, if viewer response is any gauge of popularity. The mercurial Shane Powers flies off the handle again, with fellow Casaya alliance member Danielle DiLorenzo as the victim of his wrath. The Casaya tribe's win of the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge proves to have many perks, including the privilege of distributing toys and food to the needy children in a nearby Panamanian fishing village -- and the honor of selecting a La Mina tribesperson for temporary banishment to Exile Island. The sole female member of Casaya, Sally Schumann, is also shunted away to Exile Island, which saves her from being voted off (at least for the time being). And we learn something about the pre-Survivor career of astronaut Dan Barry.