Survivor: For Cod's Sake! (2006)

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Though it looked for a while like Sally Schumann would be voted off the island in the previous episode, that "honor" actually went to Ruth Marie Milliman -- the fourth female castaway to be booted in a row, reducing the La Mina tribe to a single female member (Sally, of course). At long last, the Casaya tribe wins the Reward Challenge (transporting goods from ship to shore) and wins a supply of food, while the losing La Mina tribe is left with a cache of beans -- which prove in due time to be a "musical fruit" indeed. Back from Exile Island, Terry Deitz keeps secret the fact that he has unearthed the Immunity Idol. La Mina wins the Immunity Challenge, collecting skulls and puzzle pieces from four submerged coffins. Within the Casaya alliance, Danielle DiLorenzo's assertive personality begins to surface, while Shane Powers surprises everyone by acting a little less nutty this week. As for the person voted off at episode's end, for the first time since season one this decision has been made without a majority of negative votes (not that the person in question didn't deserve to get bumped off -- certainly not after his inexcusable act of selfishness!).