Survivor: Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners (2006)

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With Melinda Hyder voted off the island, Bruce Kanegai takes her place in the Casaya tribe and subsequently comes up with a plan to purify the contaminated water -- only to be banished to Exile Island for a second time after his team loses the "crossfire" Reward Challenge. The Immunity Challenge this time out is a killer, requiring the contestants to dig up a bag buried in the sand using only one hand at a time. The gorgeous Danielle DiLorenzo and Cirie Fields impress the others with their prowess in this challenge -- at least at first -- and even entertain the home viewers with some wrestling. Elsewhere, the newly formed Casaya alliance is showing signs of strain thanks to the erratic behavior of "nutball" Shane Powers; and the previously exiled Misty Giles vainly attempts to insinuate herself back in the game.