Survivor: Breakdown (2006)

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"Lumberjill" Tina Scheer is the first to be voted off the island as season 12 of Survivor gets under way in Panama. A tropical storm is particularly rough on the all-male La Mina tribe, which nearly loses its encampment to a lightning bolt. Shortly thereafter, the four tribes are fused into two, the La Mina and the Casaya -- no longer divided along age and gender lines. As the episode progresses, the younger women find food; Bruce Kanegai is saved from being voted off the show via his banishment to Exile Island, where he uncovers the clues that may or may not lead him to the coveted Immunity Idol; and Shane Powers is rapidly establishing himself as the nutty "loose cannon" of the bunch. This week's Reward Challenge involves carrying six wooden stakes in an obstacle course, with fishing supplies as the prize (which turn out to be no prize for the hapless Sally Schumann!); and the Immunity Challenge concerns a "zombie head" which must be reattached to the rest of the "zombie." In the end, the Casaya tribe loses another member, but gains a strong four-way alliance.