Survivor: Micronesia---Fans vs. Favorites : That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried! (2008)

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Another Survivor veteran, Yau-Man Chan, has been voted off Palau Island, leaving the Malkalal tribe with only eight players to the Airai Tribe's seven as Survivor: Micronesia-Fans vs. Favorites enters Day Nine. Both the Reward and Immunity Challneges (the former involving colorful coconuts and a soggy steel cage, the latter several puzzle pieces hanging from trees) are won by the Malkalals; Kathy Steckman is sent to Exile Island for a third time: Ozzy Lusth finds the Hidden Immunity Idol; and the other players begin to have issues with the work ethic (or lack of same) exhibited by Chet Welch. Also, "Mickey B" Bertone thinks it's a wise strategy to play both sides down the middle to his own advantage--but he's wrong.