Sue of the South (1919)

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Sue Gordon (Edith Roberts) has two special friends in her hometown of Crawford, Tennessee -- her pet pig and Shad Peters (George Hackathorne). There is a feud going on between the Peters and the Peytons. Since Shad's father was killed by a Peyton, he is expected to avenge his death. It transpires that Sue is Peyton stock when she and her pig go to the city to live with her wealthy uncle John Peyton (James Farley) and his son Donald (P.S. Pembroke). She's gone there for an education, but she also manages to brighten life around the house. Peyton is aghast at Sue's affection for one of those low-down Peters, so Sue runs away and goes to Shad's cabin. The two Peytons give chase, and a gunfight at the cabin ensues. Finally a truce is called, and the Peytons discover that Sue was the one doing all the shooting, while Shad was suffering a wound in his shoulder. Finally old John softens up and the feud comes to an end with the betrothal of Sue and Shad. This picture was apparently a real stinker; even the trade papers of the day couldn't bring themselves to hype it.