Such a Little Pirate (1918)

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Raised on the wild windjammer stories of her sea-captain grandfather Obadiah Wolf (Theodore Roberts), heroine Patricia (Lila Lee) yearns for a life on the high seas. Obadiah paints bold images of buccaneering and booty. In fact, he's got a tattoo on his breast of a map which leads to buried treasure. He plans to go get it just as soon as his makes his final payment on a ship which is being cared for by Rory O'Malley (Harrison Ford), a slightly crippled young seaman. However, the man he is paying, Ellory Glendenning (Forrest Seabury) intends to steal the ship and sell it to the government for a high price. The night Obadiah makes his final payment he celebrates a bit too heartily and in a drunken brawl rolls into a fire, scorching his map into obliteration. He also loses the receipt for the ship, so Glendenning refuses to give him the vessel. He boards the craft anyway with his draft-dodging son (J. Parks-Jones) and heads out to sea. But Patricia has snuck on board with her pet orangutan, Sinbad. The crew mutinies and Rory and Patricia take over. They get to the treasure just as Obadiah is being dragged to the same location by "Bad Eye," a grimy old sea dog (Guy Oliver). Rory and Patricia save Obadiah, and Sinbad finds the receipt, so all ends well. This film was based on the novel Peggy, the Pirate, by James Oliver Curwood.