Strong Way (1918)

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Eunice Torrence (June Elvidge) has wed the elderly Geoffrey Farrow (Joe Herbert) only because her mother (Isabelle Berwin) wanted her to marry money. But Farrow is a rotten character and Eunice, who really loves Don Chadwick (John Bowers), immediately regrets her decision. She finds herself caught between Farrow's insults and the lust of his lawyer, Dan Carter (Hubert Wilke). When Carter is found dead, Chadwick hides in Eunice's room. To protect him, she tells police he has been there all night, and that he is her lover. Farrow has finally grown tired of his wife and divorces her. But there's still the matter of Carter's murder, and Eunice and Chadwick both suspect the other of doing the deed. But in the end, it turns out that the maid did it (apparently there was no butler!), because she was seduced by Carter. With all doubts gone, Eunice and Chadwick can be together.