Stripped for a Million (1919)

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Stanley Warren (Crane Wilbur), the son of a rich family, happily spends all of his allowance every month -- he has nothing to worry about since he's the heir to his uncle's fortune. When his uncle dies and the will is read, Warren is in for a shock -- because he has been such a spendthrift, he must forfeit the inheritance. The only way he can save it is if he allows himself to be taken to the outskirts of town and stripped of his clothing. If he can fend for himself, then he will get the money. Warren reluctantly agrees, and his mercenary sweetheart, Alice Tremont (Anita King), waits to hear word of his success. Warren doesn't remain dressed in leaves and vines for long -- he falls in love with June Day, an orphan girl (Gladys Bell), and finds it necessary to acquire some sort of wardrobe. He steals into the home of Judge Peabody (Mark Krelle) for a suit, but he's caught and put to work as a gardener. When he's asked to fill in at a dinner party and both Alice and his romantic rival, Chauncey Holbrook (J.H. Keller), show up, it becomes obvious that he's failed at his mission. All is not lost. He wins June, and it turns out that there is yet another codicil to the uncle's will -- if Warren forfeits the fortune, the money goes to her. Parker Fisher's Saturday Evening Post story came off better in print than it did on film.