Strictly Confidential (1919)

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In this comedy, Madge Kennedy plays actress Fanny O'Gorman, who falls in love with artist Vernon (John Bowers). Vernon also happens to be Lord Bantock, and when he takes Fanny home to his estate she discovers that all of the servants are relatives of hers. They turn out to be good help, but not so cozy as relations, since they insist on sticking firmly to protocol -- especially Fanny's Uncle Bennett (Herbert Standing), who's the butler. His attempts to train his wayward niece to be a Lady are not always appreciated. When Fanny finally admits to her husband that she's the same flesh and blood as those who take care of him, life gets a lot more pleasant on the Bantock estate. This picture was adapted from the stage play Fanny and the Servant Problem (also known as The New Lady Bantock and The Servant Girl), written by Jerome K. Jerome.