Strangling Threads (1923)

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This undistinguished domestic drama was one of the last features directed by British film pioneer Cecil Hepworth. Even though she's in love with Merton Forsdyke (Campbell Gullan), Irma Brian (Alma Taylor) follows her mother's wishes and marries the wealthy Stephen Mallard (James Carew). A woman writes Mallard to inform him that Irma is still seeing Forsdyke. But Mallard confronts the meddler and stands up for his wife. Later on, the woman writes again, begging to see him. She's found dead the next day and Mallard is put on trial for murder. Irma testifies that Mallard was with her the night the woman died, even though he wasn't. Because of her testimony, he is acquitted, but Irma, who believes he really did commit murder, hates him and continues to live with him only for the sake of their child. Finally he admits that yes, he did see the woman that night, but was innocent of the charge. He withheld testimony because he was married to the woman, who he thought had died long ago. It would have caused a scandal for Irma if his former wife's identity had become known. Irma realizes that her husband is a true gentleman and they reconcile.