Stranded (1916)

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This convoluted Plump and Runt comedy fits a lot of action into just one reel. Plump (Oliver Hardy) and Runt (Billy Ruge) decide to ditch work and take their speedboat, the Scum, out to sea. But the boat winds up in the middle of an artillery range and is sunk. The pair swims to shore and fall into an exhausted sleep. Meanwhile, Slocum, a millionaire (Frank Hanson), has brought his family to the shore for a camp out. Following them is a mercenary bachelor (Robin Williamson), who hopes to marry Slocum's daughter (Florence McLoughlin). Plump and Runt wake up to discover the Slocums nearby and befriend them. The unwanted visitor kidnaps the daughter and attempts to sail to shore with her. Plump shoots at the sail's rope with a rifle, stopping the boat (according to a news item, Hardy actually did this trick himself). Then the bad guy binds the girl and leaves a bomb nearby. Plump and Runt come to her rescue and toss the bomb away -- of course, it lands right by the villain before exploding.