Stranded in Arcady (1917)

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Improbable as the plot was, this action adventure was entertaining and made a good vehicle for dancer/actress Irene Castle. Author Donald Prime (Elliott Dexter) has just written a novel, and his friend scoffs at it, claiming that he doesn't know anything about women and should be marooned with one for a few days. And that's exactly what happens -- Prime is on his way to Quebec when he is drugged and dumped in a remote forest. Dance instructor Lucy Millington (Castle) is traveling to Quebec to perform and the same thing happens to her. Although Prime has claimed that 98 percent of women are brainless, Lucy does a much better job of surviving in the wilds than he does. But there is much intrigue afoot -- Prime finds two men dead, and he and Lucy discover that they are being watched. The thugs capture the pair and they have to brave death-defying situations to escape, until Prime and Lucy are found by his friend, who explains he had nothing to do with their dilemma. He did discover, however, that both Prime and Lucy are heirs to a fortune, as their fathers were the best friends of a lonely man. But if they don't arrive to claim the money by a certain time, they will lose it to the dead man's secretary -- the man responsible for marooning them. Prime and Lucy make a mad dash to Quebec and arrive at the lawyer's office just in time. By now, they have fallen in love, and Prime is forced to acknowledge that he knows at least one woman who isn't brainless.