Squandered Lives (1920)

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Lord Delamere (Guy Newell) and Joan Lambourne (Ivy Duke) are both broke -- he has no money in spite of his title, and her family is penniless. So they keep up with British society by cheating at bridge. Joan marries Delamere instead of a wealthy man who has proposed to her. When her ex-suitor catches them cheating at bridge at a house party he is hosting, he exposes them in front of everyone. Since they are ruined in British society and they have no future, they decide to commit suicide. But an old servant finds out about a death in Delamere's family and runs to the couple with this news. Although Delamere and Joan are banned from the British upper crust, they at least have the money to live and hopefully things will go better for their children-to-be. This was the first picture by British production company Stoll to be released in the U.S. It was based on the book, Duke's Son, by an English author familiar to American audiences of the day -- Cosmo Hamilton.