Spite Bride (1919)

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When Billy Swayne (Robert Ellis) is jilted by his sweetheart, Millicent Lee (Dorothy Wallace), he decides to marry someone -- anyone -- else to spite her. So Billy and a friend go searching on Broadway for the right girl, and believe they have hit pay dirt when they meet a "sister" act by a stage door. One girl, Trixie (Claire DuBrey), desperately needs the thousand-dollar bribe the two men are offering -- to get a divorce from her lousy husband. She coerces the other girl, Tessa Doyle (Olive Thomas), into going along with the scheme, which she does reluctantly. But Tessa is disgusted by the whole thing and after wedding the drunken Billy, she refuses her share and disappears. She quits the stage and finds a job as a secretary to the newly wed Countess di Raspoli (Katherine Griffith). In the short time he had to get to know her, Billy comes to realize that Tessa isn't a worldly woman of the stage, but a nice young girl, and he determines to find her. Eventually he does, since the Countess is actually his mother. This was not a great Olive Thomas vehicle -- she didn't have much to do here, and Claire DuBrey, who played Trixie, pretty much stole the show.