Spark Divine (1919)

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The warmly maternal Alice Joyce is miscast here as an emotionless woman who can't even express mother love. Fortunately, the character undergoes a radical change and the real Alice Joyce is finally allowed to shine through. Marcia Ardale (Joyce) is the classic poor little rich girl -- raised amidst material wealth but without love. She grows into young womanhood and becomes an ice princess. Because her parents (Frank Norcross and Eulalie Jensen) fall on hard financial times, Marcia agrees to marry Robert Jardine (William Carlton Jr.), the "copper king." In spite of her cold exterior, Jardine is convinced that his new wife must have a good heart. But time proves him wrong -- even after she becomes a mother, she shows no warmth whatsoever. Then one day, her little girl is kidnapped. Marcia becomes frantic and suffers endlessly over the missing child. Finally, the girl is returned to her, and only then does she find out that it was a plot on her husband's behalf to awaken the love he knew was dormant within her.