Spaghetti and Lottery (1915)

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Ethnic humor was extremely popular in the 1910s, both on film and in vaudeville. Just about every ethnic group got hit with it, and most everyone took it in stride. This split-reel Lubin comedy makes fun of Italians, and it's interesting to note that one of the featured players, Vincent DePascale, was Italian himself. Will Louis, who also directed, played the other featured role. Antonio (Louis) and Pascale (DePascale) have run out of luck and money, but they decide to spend their very last bit of cash on a lottery ticket. Then, they go off to a restaurant, where they order a huge plate of spaghetti. When the other customers start making fun of their accents, a food fight ensues. After wrecking the whole place, they try to escape, but are caught. Fortunately, it turns out they've won the lottery, so they're able to pay for all the damages. Oliver Hardy does an amusing turn as the restaurant's cook.