Souls Triumphant (1915)

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Virtually the entire Fine Arts Studio talent roster appeared in the D.W. Griffith-produced Souls Triumphant. Lillian Gish heads the cast as Lillian Vale, the naïve and unworldly daughter of minister Josiah Vale (Spottiswoode Aitken). Swept off her feet by handsome Robert Powers (Wilfred Lucas), Lillian marries him, unaware that he is constitutionally incapable of fidelity. Led astray by vampish Hattie Lee (Louise Hamilton), Powers follows his new paramour to the Big City -- the first of several bad decisions which culminate in disaster for the errant hero. The crowning horror occurs during a fire, in which it seems that Powers' beloved son has perished. Dispirited, Powers returns to Lillian, certain that she will renounce and reject him. Happily, Lillian subscribes to the motto "Forgive and Forget" -- and even more happily, the couple's son has survived the aforementioned conflagration. White actress Jennie Lee, who appeared as an African American in Griffith's Birth of a Nation, once more dons blackface in Souls Triumphant.