Soul's Cycle (1916)

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When Theron, a senator of ancient Greece (George Stanley) is spurned by Nadia, the innocent daughter of a nobleman (Margaret Gibson), he has her and her lover, Lucian (John Oaker) thrown into a burning crater. As punishment for this sin, the gods decree that he will roam the earth as a lion until he can right his wrong. A few millennia later, Nadia is now Agnes, the daughter of a millionaire, and Lucian is Arthur, a Wall Street broker. Arthur has recently returned from a trek in Africa and brought home a lion, which he keeps in his home. Agnes and Arthur marry, and the suitor she turned down, Henry Kimball (Roy Watson) swears revenge. He tries to ruin Arthur in the market, but Agnes intuitively urges her husband to change his stock order. Then, after an argument, Kimball lets the lion out of his cage, believing that it will kill the young couple. Instead, it kills him. Presumably, this means that Theron has atoned for his act and his soul can live as a human once again.