Soul's Awakening (1922)

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This British-made film featured pretty blonde Flora Le Breton as a street urchin. Cynthia (Sylvia Caine) is a social worker in the London slums. One day she pulls a ragged little boy out of a street fight, and when she takes him home, she discovers that his father, Ben (David Hawthorne), is a drunken brute and a dog thief. She is disgusted when she finds bruises on the arms of the boy's sister, Maggie (Le Breton) -- evidence of the beatings she has received at her father's hands. Cynthia convinces her fiancé to give Ben and his son work, but Ben's dishonesty reveals itself soon enough. After watching Ben's tender interaction with one of his stolen dogs, however, Cynthia is convinced that there must be some good in him. She offers to pay him to care for his children, and finally he becomes ashamed of what he is. He goes through a reformation and he makes up to his children.



abuse, bad-guy-turns-good, change-of-heart, friendship, imprisonment, neighbor, newsboy, poverty, redemption, robbery