Soul of Kura San (1916)

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Kura San (Tsuru Aoki) is in love with Toyo (Sessue Hayakawa), a poor artist. Her father (Thomas Kurlhara), who owns a tea room, does not approve of the union. So when Toyo's uncle asks him to come to America to help him run his art shop, he goes, hoping that he will make enough money to return and marry Kura San. But while he is gone, Herbert Graham, an American artist (George Webb) dazzles Kura San and whisks her off to the States. When she returns to Japan, she finds Toyo already home and a success. She kills herself in disgrace and as she is dying, she confesses her indiscretion to Toyo. So Toyo returns to America and tracks down Graham, who has wed Anne Willoughby (Myrtle Stedman). Instead of murdering Graham, which was his original plan, he decides to get back at him through Anne and lures her to his home in the country. She sees a portrait of Kura San and is so affected by it that Toyo cannot carry out his scheme. All the Oriental roles in this picture were actually played by Japanese actors, which was a nice touch for this cinematic era.