Soul in Trust (1918)

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A Soul in Trust begins in the Old South, as the married son of a prominent family seduces and abandons an innkeeper's daughter, Courtley Maitland (Belle Bennett. After the man's death, his widow, hoping to do right by the "ruined" girl, offers to adopt the baby that resulted from the affair. Accepting a huge sum of money in exchange for her child, Courtley heads to the North, where over the next two decades she gains a reputation as a vamp. Hired by a group of Wall Street manipulators to compromise the young assistant of a muckraking U.S. senator, Courtley discovers to her horror that her intended victim is her own son. Evidently, A Soul in Trust was given a censorial going-over before its release, as indicated by a hastily inserted subtitle which suggested that Courtley's child was born legitimately!