Sorrows of Happiness (1916)

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After being disowned by his father, David Garrick (Crauford Kent) goes to a small country town where he meets Mary Carroll (June Daye). He betrays her, and when her family discovers their clandestine meetings, promises to marry her. But when the wedding day is near, Garrick receives a wire informing him of his father's death. He decides to go home, collect his inheritance and return to his society sweetheart, Katherine (Helen Greene). When Mary is stood up at the wedding, it unhinges her mind, and her older sister, Grace (Inez Buck), becomes determined to track down the wayward Garrick. She goes to the city, posing as "Madame Mimi," and identifies Garrick from a photo in Mary's possession. Katherine had grown tired of waiting for Garrick and married someone else, so he has continued his womanizing. But Grace gets him to fall in love with her and to propose. She then reveals her identity and holds him to his promise to wed Mary.