Somewhere in Turkey (1918)

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Harold Lloyd plays an explorer in this comic short. Bebe Daniels is a shipwreck victim who is snatched up by a group of lusty Turks and taken to the Sultan. But when the Sultan tries to kiss her, she smacks him good and gets tossed in jail for rejecting him. Harold, meanwhile, is wandering around the desert on a camel with his trusty assistant, Snub Pollard, in tow. When they reach the Turkish village, a pair of men try to detain them with spears, but they manage to enter the Sultan's temple anyhow. There is a religious ceremony going on involving a statue and a live dancing girl. Harold disrupts the ritual and he and Snub are captured. They manage to get out of the Turks' clutches, at least temporarily, and Harold takes the place of the statue. The sultan, as part of his ritual, must hit the figure on the head with a mallet and Harold's annoyed response is to kick back. Naturally, he's caught again and taken to the prison cells. The executioner is anxiously waiting, but at the last moment, Harold grabs the key to Bebe's cell and locks himself in there with her. The Sultan angrily tears the bars open and barrels in, but gets his head caught in the window. Harold and Bebe use this opportunity to escape. Harold fights a large group of Turks before he and Bebe climb onto a camel and take off. Unfortunately, some prints of this short are lacking title cards, which makes the action hard to follow.