Something to Do (1919)

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An idle young clubman, Jack Merrill (Bryant Washburn), believes he is ill, so he visits his doctor. The physician realizes that all Jack is suffering from is a severe case of boredom and tells him that what he needs is something to do. Jack finds an escape from his ennui through his valet, Thompson (Charles Gerrard). Thompson has been using Jack's clothes and cars to pose as royalty to the nouveau rich. Jack figures he could pull this off at least as well as his valet, and goes to a reception as the "Earl of Dunraven." There, he discovers that his host, the socially ambitious Mrs. Parkin (Adele Farrington), is trying to get her hands on the family fortune by tricking her niece, Janet (Ann Little) and her father, Mr. Renwick (Robert Brower). Mrs. Parkin has had Renwick confined to a mental institution and she is making bribes to keep him there. Jack not only blows the whistle on this despicable plot, he also exposes the ring of menial servants who have been parading as noblemen and women. Jack, of course, is a poseur too, but since he is a rich one, he and Janet are free to pursue their romance.