Soldier's Sons (1916)

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This tale of the Philippines, circa the late 1800s, features the dependable mid-1910s star L.C. Shumway. After Dick Bates (Shumway) graduates from West Point he takes a trip to Manila and goes on a hunting trip. Not far from the village of Iloilo, he catches a fever and his guide deserts him. He is found by Nina Rosario (Helen Wolcott), who nurses him back to health. The couple fall in love and marry, which angers Carlos Fulano, who wanted Nina for himself. He kidnaps her and takes her to the jungle. Bates believes that his wife is dead, and he leaves the Philippines when he gets a telegram from his regiment ordering him to join them in San Francisco. Fifteen years pass. Nina has Bates' son, who grows into a strapping teenager who insists on joining the insurrectos. Bates is now a captain and his regiment heads for the Philippines to quell the unrest. He and Nina finally meet up again and she admits to him that their son is a rebel. Bates is torn between his duty to his family and his duty to his regiment. Ultimately he resigns from the army to remain in Iloilo with Nina and their son.