Soldiers of Chance (1917)

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Winton (Charles Kent) believes he has killed Yawkey (Denton Vane). Because of this, Yawkey's partner, Lawler (Charles Henderson), has him under his power and demands that he be allowed to marry Winton's daughter, Josephine (Miriam Fouche). But Lawler's old enemy, Billy Mountain (Evart Overton) arrives on the scene in the guise of Captain Josslyn and takes him prisoner on his yacht. The two of them, and Winton and Josephine, all wind up in South America, where Mountain is involved in a revolution. Because he's still threatening to expose her father, Josephine sets Lawler free, and he takes the side of the crooked government. In the midst of the revolution, Yawkey appears and explains that Lawler merely paid him to play dead, so Josephine finally escapes Lawler's clutches. This oddball melodrama was one of writer James Oliver Curwood's weaker efforts.