Social Leper (1917)

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Adrienne Van Couver (June Elvidge) is an evil divorcee. Although she is in love with an attorney, Henry Armstrong (George MacQuarrie), she plays wickedly with the affections of Robert Warren (Arthur Ashley). Armstrong is in love with Lorraine Barkley (Evelyn Greeley), but Lorraine is in love with Dean, Adrienne's ex-husband (Carlyle Blackwell). Adrienne tries to break up Dean's relationship by spreading false stories about their married life; Dean meanwhile tells Warren the true story of just how nasty Adrienne is. In a fury, Warren kills Adrienne, but Dean is accused of the crime. Armstrong takes the case and soon figures out the identity of the real murderer. Dean is cleared of the charge and Armstrong willingly gives up his pursuit of Lorraine. This soap opera-type story made for a typical World programmer.