Snuff Kill (1999)

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From the extreme horror specialists at Shock-O-Rama Video comes this gruesome shocker co-directed by Al Darago and Doug Ulrich, who had previously teamed for the little-seen 1995 drama Darkest Soul (aka Gravediggers). The story line concerns a horror movie fan named Doug who is enlisted by Ralis, the twisted singer of a rock band, to help him create the bloodiest, most horrifying film ever made. Doug is astonished by the verisimilitude of Ralis' gory special effects, but soon discovers that they are not effects at all. As in many independent horror films and "splatterpunk" short stories, the protagonist becomes a semi-willing accomplice to his psychotic partner's grisly murders, at once attracted and repelled by the feelings of bloodlust they engender. Eschewing much of the psychological curiosity of its contemporaries, this low-budget effort puts violence and nudity front and center, and delivers a great deal of both. Genre aficionados interested in more complex independent treatments of the subject are advised to seek out films like Bloodletting, Addicted to Murder, and The Vicious Sweet, all available from the same sources.