Snitching Hour (1922)

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Nobody in the 1920s seemed to take Prohibition seriously -- for one thing, the career of Arthur Housman, who was famed for playing drunks, flourished. Although he generally played bit parts and second leads, in this comedy he was a highly inebriated hero. Mr. Dickerson (Frank Currier) owns a valuable ruby, which he has hidden in a bottle in his wine cellar (we presume that he acquired his cache before the Volstead Act went into effect). A phony countess (Nita Naldi, who had just scored a hit in Rudolph Valentino's Blood and Sand) wants to get her hands on the jewel. She sees her chance when Dickerson's daughter, Lois (Gladys Leslie), throws a house party. However, the countess and her associates weren't counting on the presence of Lois' boyfriend, Bunny (Housman). Bunny imbibes a bit too much and in his drunken state -- in fact, because of it -- he manages to foil the countess' scheme.