Snap Judgement (1917)

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Jimmie Page (William Russell) is not the most dependable guy in the world, and when the taxicab bringing him to his wedding breaks down, it's no surprise. But as he steps out, he sees a holdup going on and intervenes. The police come, and he is taken to the station as a suspect. At this point, his fiancée, Marah Manning (Francelia Billington), loses her patience with him and cancels the wedding. So when the man Jimmie saved offers to take him out West, he goes. But as soon as they arrive in Lone Star, Jimmie is arrested because he bears an uncanny resemblance to outlaw Arizona Pete (also played by Russell). Arizona's sweetheart (Ada Gleason) helps him break out of jail and takes him to the mountains. Meanwhile, Marah finds out that Jimmie was really a hero and comes West with her father in search of him. But their stage coach is held up by the real Arizona Pete and he kidnaps Marah, holding her for a $10,000 ransom. Jimmie finally comes face-to-face with his look-alike and saves Marah. The sheriff's posse shows up just in time to see Arizona escaping, and at last they realize the mix-up in identities.