Slicked-Up Pup (1951)

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After giving his son Tyke a bath, Spike the bulldog wraps the pup in a towel and tells him in his Durante-esque voice, "Soak up some o' dat sunshine vitamin, an' I'll be back wit' a coupla chops. That's my boy!" Meanwhile, Tom is as usual chasing Jerry all over the yard. In mid-flight, Tom accidentally pushes Tyke into a mudpile. Angrily ordering Tom to clean up the pup, Spike warns the cat that Tyke had better stay clean--"An' if he ain't, I'll tear ya limb from limb." That's all that Jerry has to hear, and the rest of the cartoon finds Tom frantically trying to prevent Jerry from dirtying up Tyke with ink, paint, crayons, tomatoes, tar and anything else that's handy. Alas, it's all for naught, as Tom discovers in the truly "agitating" finale.