Sleuth (1925)

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This Stan Laurel spoof on detective films should not be confused with the Larry Semon two-reeler of the same name. Laurel is detective Webster Dingle, hired by a wife (Alberta Vaughn) who believes her husband (Glen Cavender) is cheating on her. Dingle gets down to business by donning a number of disguises. First he poses as a maid and the husband comes onto her. This is nothing new, because when Dingle shows up later in a different costume, the husband is chasing after yet another maid. The husband figures out what Dingle is up to and hires a trio of thugs and a woman to get rid of him, and also to steal some valuable papers. Dingle confuses them with his disguises, but soon enough they give chase. A sexy vamp comes along and distracts the men, and they wind up fighting amongst themselves. When they have knocked each other out, leaving only the husband, the vamp takes the papers from him and reveals that she is actually Dingle, wearing one more disguise.