Sleeper Cell: Youmud Din (2005)

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On the finale of Showtime's miniseries, Sleeper Cell, "Judgment Day" has arrived. White House insiders, having gotten the wrong timetable from Darwyn (Michael Ealy), are debating about whether or not to alert local governments about the planned attack in Los Angeles. They decide to wait until they have more information about what the cells in New York and Washington are plotting. A chemical weapons expert tells them that if the attack goes off in a crowded area, there could be more than 10,000 casualties. The members of the cell videotape their final messages, with Darwyn pointedly noting, "Everything I've done, and everything I'm about to do I do for Islam." Farik (Oded Fehr), having destroyed all of the team's communication devices, causes a diversion by blowing up the front gate of the warehouse. The cell races out in their dummy emergency vehicle. Patrice (Sonya Walger) realizes what's going on, but it's too late and the cell has gotten away. But Darwyn manages to leave a message behind for the authorities to find, to let them know the location of the terrorist attack. At the stadium, Ilija (Henri Lubatti) has been assigned to start the fire that will bring the emergency call. Tommy (Blake Shields), Christian (Alex Nesic), and Darwyn are supposed to block the roads leading to the stadium by shooting at random motorists, while Farik has the "honor" of driving the emergency vehicle loaded with phosgene into the stadium.