Sleeper Cell: Target (2005)

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Darwyn Al-Sayeed (Michael Ealy) meets with Ray (James LeGros), his FBI handler, who wants to know where Bobby Habib and his family are. Darwyn deflects the question, complaining about the FBI losing the group when they drove out into the desert. Later, Darwyn asks Farik (Oded Fehr) what happened to Bobby's family. Farik is reluctant to tell Darwyn anything he doesn't need to know, but tells him the family was sent back to Egypt. He's sent to the mall on a recon mission with Tommy (Blake Shields), who keeps getting a call on his cell phone from someone named "Lynn" that he refuses to answer. He later tells Darwyn that it's his mother, a professor at Berkeley, and that he's worried she'll come snooping around. Darwyn has to do some quick thinking when Tommy notices that they're being followed. Farik goes to USC in an effort to recruit Eddy (Jeff Mallare), an Indonesian microbiology student. Eddy is not interested in joining the cell, claiming that his fight is in Jakarta, but under pressure from Farik, he does provide him with some necessary materials. Gayle (Melissa Sagemiller) asks Darwyn what happened to Bobby Habib, and he claims ignorance. She also tells him that the father of her son Marcus (Jake Soldera) died in a drunk driving accident. Darwyn gradually comes to understand that Farik is planning an anthrax attack on the West Side Galleria, and warns Ray, but the plan goes in motion must sooner than they had anticipated.